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Save $10 On Halloween Costumes And Decor At Target

It's the beginning of October, and Halloween is coming very soon!

Target is running a special of spend $30 save $5, spend $50 save $10 on Halloween costumes, decor & lighting. This offer is valid online only.

Target has adorable baby costumes, cool adult costumes and decor that is very affordable. We found Halloween decor starting from 2$ at Target. It's possible that as we get close to the Halloween, we will see more sales.

Here are our favorite items so far:

Baby Plush Elephant Halloween Costume Vest $20

Toddler Monarch Butterfly Halloween Costume $15

Baby Plush Unicorn Halloween Costume Vest $20

Sloth Rider Dog & Cat Costume $9.99

5" Lit Three Teeth Pumpkin Decorative Halloween Prop Orange $5

We love Halloween because of the abundance of candy and ability to dress into the craziest costumes!

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