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Review of JW Marriott Miami Turnberry Resort & Spa

JW Marriott Miami Turnberry Resort & Spa is a perfect destination for families with kids! In today's post I will tell you why we loved it so much and how you can snag a great deal!

We have stayed at this hotel twice already and look forward to coming again.

What we loved about our stay:

  • The water park (Tidal Cove Waterpark)! The main attraction of the hotel is the beautiful waterpark and pools which are fun for the kids of all ages. We traveled with a toddler and she loved it all! There is also a lazy river!

  • Food is the second reason we love this hotel so much. Usually, I am not a fan of hotel food, but I can honestly say it was wonderful and high quality every time we dined. We did a buffet breakfast in the morning at the CORSAIR KITCHEN & BAR. The buffet breakfast included an assembly of fresh fruits, an omelet station, scrambled eggs, oatmeal, cereal, muffins, french toast, pancakes, croissants, lox, bagels, cheeses and meats, potatoes, bacon and sausage. The price of the buffet breakfast was included in the room stay when we booked the hotel (I believe it is 38$ per adult if paying separately). Our 3 year old daughter ate for free since kids under 4 eat free. Everything was fresh and delicious. We were also pleasantly surprised by the Corsair dinner. The portions were big and food was top notch! Even the food that we ordered at the pool was great (quesadillas which came with a side of guacamole). There is a steakhouse there as well.

CORSAIR KITCHEN & BAR buffet breakfast
CORSAIR KITCHEN & BAR buffet breakfast

CORSAIR KITCHEN & BAR buffet breakfast
CORSAIR KITCHEN & BAR buffet breakfast

CORSAIR KITCHEN & BAR buffet breakfast
CORSAIR KITCHEN & BAR buffet breakfast

CORSAIR KITCHEN & BAR buffet breakfast
CORSAIR KITCHEN & BAR buffet breakfast

  • Rooms were modern, spacious and clean. We all know that, when traveling with kids, the bigger the room, the better. Well, the room was huge! There was a couch, a balcony, and a separate entry area. It was modern, clean and beautiful. Honestly, it was one of my favorite hotel rooms I have ever stayed in. The bathroom was beautiful as well.

  • The hotel is super kid friendly. Staying at the hotel, I saw many many families with kids which was great! It is very kid friendly and I felt like at least half of the hotel guests were there on a family vacation.

  • There is Aventura Mall right across the street. If you have not visited this mall yet, you must go there! It is an amazing mall. It has a great food hall, a plethora of high end as well as normal shops, a movie theatre, and even a farmer's market on the weekend.

  • Personnel was really nice and friendly.

  • There is a spa! I have not tried it ($$$$) but it looked great.

  • My husband was raving about the state of the art gym!

Now, let's talk about some setbacks of the hotel because no hotel is perfect . Sometimes, there is a wait at the buffet breakfast in the morning. So if you're in a rush, this may not be optimal. Another setback is that the hotel is not on the beach, even though it is a short drive from the beach.

The hotel is pretty expensive, running anywhere from 300$ a night all the way to thousands of dollars during the busy season.

How do you get a great deal? Book ahead of time! Many months ahead (probably 6-8 months ahead) and look for prices for different dates on google. You can book the refundable option and pay extra for a peace of mind. The prices change on different days you look! We have seen a price of of 167$ a night for 2 adults (more with kids). That is an amazing price for this hotel! Please note, there is a resort fee that you pay at the hotel as well.

Overall, I give this hotel a 9/10 rating! It is a great getaway for a family vacation especially during the cold months.

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