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Monthly Bargain Favorites April 2021

It's the end of April and spring is in the air! Summer is just around the corner and that puts us into summer shopping mood!

Let's take a look at our favorites from TJMaxx and Marshalls


Rachel Zoe dresses go from 100$ (on sale) up to 700$ on the official website. This dress is also made of linen and has pockets!

Made of pure cotton, this dress seems light and easy! Currently $79 on the dra website.

How often do we see a Theory dress for under 40$? This is the first time for me. A timeless beauty.


Elegant and stylish this a perfect summer dress!

A gorgeous dress by the iconic brand. We especially love the sleeve and neck details.



What a beautiful floral overcoat! Perfect for spring or fall! This piece really stands out.


You can't go wrong with an iconic Gucci trench coat! The details on the neckline are so stylish.


This blazer is perfect for spring and summer. It is just speechlessly beautiful.


Originally, $995 dollars, this is a beautiful quality piece of an iconic brand.

Did you like our picks? Which one was your favorite?

Please comment below!

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