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Escada, Gucci, Celine, And Milly New TJMaxx Runway Shipments June 23, 2021

TjMaxx runway had a great day today with a bunch of new shipments from luxurious brands!

Let's take a closer look.


Leather Booties


I know it's summer right now but what a great deal on UGG booties! Only sizes 5 and 7 are left!


Nai Print Silk Tunic



52mm Oval Fram Designer Sunglasses



Made In Italy Red Overcoat

$699.99 Gorgeous coat from the iconic brand in a stand out color!


Floral Mesh Sheath Dress In White


I looove this dress! It's classy, elegant and form fitting.Truly considering buying this one! Should I?

GUCCI Made In Italy Cashmere Sweater With Horsebit $999.99

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