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Crazy Deal On Ugg Boots At SaksOff5th

SaksOff5th has an incredible sale on Ugg Boots right now up to 76% OFF.

Not only are most of these boots already 60-76% OFF, but there is a code you can use at a checkout for an extra 40% OFF. Code is "COLDOUT." This code seems to be mostly for women' boots only.

Please note, sizes are very limited. Most of the sizes are 5 and 6 for women. There are also good deals on men, girl and boys boots as well. Also note, the boots are final sale and can not be returned.

Some of our favorites are:

Daley Suede Knee-High Boots USD$79.97 - $99.97(60% - 68% Off)


$14.97 (62% Off) Clearance

Check out all of the deals on UGG Boots: HERE

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