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Crazy Boots Sale At Roozee Australia In NYC

Roozee Australia Store Sale
Roozee Australia Store Sale

Roozee Australia store has an amazing boots and winter accessories sale!

August 22, 2019

The store, located in Soho, is selling its stock from last year at amazing prices to make room for the new inventory.

With boots starting at just 40$ this is one of the best deals we have ever seen. The boots are from the Australian brands: Roozee Australia and Koalabi. These boots have natural sheepskin lining and leather upper. Many boots are water resistant. There were four price categories for the boots: $40, $50, $60 and $75. Considering that these are mostly running at $160-200 original price, the discounts are great! The store had boots for both women and men. However, there was a much larger selection for women.

Roozee Australia also had winter accessories on sale. Gloves were $15, down from $65 original price. Men leather jackets were $150. Scarves were $25.

There were also jackets for sale at still pretty high prices of $300.

Store will have the sale for approximately 2 more weeks.

Now is definitely the time to stock up on winter gear!

Address: 452 Broadway Shop 1, New York, NY 10013

Roozee Australia Boots On Sale
Roozee Australia Boots On Sale

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