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Best Ways To Save Money On Starbucks

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

starbucks deals
Starbucks Deals

Coffee is the magic drink that pushes us out of beds and into the busy world of reality. Americans consume 400 million cups of coffee per day. It is no wonder that coffee is the second largest traded commodity in the world.

Stopping by Starbucks on the way to work is a tradition of millions. While it can get expensive, you can make your Starbucks coffee drinking habits cheaper with the following ways.

1. Free Refills! 

Yes you heard that right. Starbucks has free refills but only under certain conditions. 

  • You can order any beverage

  • You must pay with the Starbucks Card registered to your Starbucks Rewards account. It's very easy to do. Just download the Starbucks App on your phone and pay through it. 

  • For a free refill you must use the same Starbucks account during the same store visit. Once you leave the store, your visit is considered done and you can not get any refills.

  • The free refills are only of hot or iced brewed coffee or tea. The refill fee is about 50 cents but once you present your Starbucks app, it will become free.

2. Get 5-10% off any Starbucks purchase with a Chase credit card. If you already own a chase credit card, you're in luck! To get this perk, log into your chase account and find chase offers tab (usually located on the up right position). Click on see all offers. You can add any offers you see to your card for a certain period of time, usually up to 30 days. Chase often has an offer for Starbucks that ranges from 5-10%. Please note that offers vary from one account holder to another.

3. Use your Starbucks app to earn stars and hear about promotions. Past promotions included buy 1 get 1 drink free and half of Frappuccino.

  • 25 stars allow you to customize your drink (espresso shot, dairy substitute, syrup and more)

  • 50 stars get you a free hot coffee, bakery item or hot tea

  • 150 stars get you handcrafted drink, hot breakfast or parfait

  • 200 stars get you a lunch sandwich, protein box, or salad

  • 400 stars get you select merchandise and at home coffee

4. Add your birthday to the Starbucks app to receive a free treat of your favorite drink or food on your birthday.

Starbucks is not a cheap treat, but with the right amount of promotions and refills, it hits just the right spot!

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