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Best Online Deals On Pampers Diapers In February 2021

After having a baby, one of my missions was to figure out the best diaper deals out there. I have looked everywhere online including Target, Amazon, Walmart to find the best deal on pampers diapers in a somewhat unexpected place: Walgreens. Not always, but very often, Walgreens has the best deals on diapers. The website often has 20 or even 30% off codes for online shopping along with coupons that can be clipped once you sign in with your card.

Let's look at today's deals : Feb 2nd, 2021

Let's dig deeper and look at specifics!

Pampers Baby Dry

92 count of Pampers Baby Dry diapers is $24.99. There is an offer for an in store pick up with Target circle, which would bring the price to 21.99.


92 count of Pampers Baby Dry diapers is $24.27 with a 0.28 coupon which brings the final online price to 23.99

It seems at first that Walgreens has the highest price for 92 count of Pampers Baby Dry diapers at $29.99. Yet, let's look at the coupons and discount. There is a 3$ manufacturer coupon and 4$ my Walgreens coupon which can be applied online. This brings the price of the diapers to $22.99. There is also a 20% off $50 code: TAKE20.

So, let's say we order 2 packs. With all of the coupons and codes, the total is $39.18, which is $19.59 per pack.

In conclusion, today's winner for the cheapest online pampers diapers deal is WALGREENS.

This is followed by Target, and Amazon is the most expensive one.

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