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Best of Whole Foods Deals 7/31- 8/7

This week Whole Foods has some amazing deals, especially on meat and produce. These deals are only for amazon prime members. Head to your Amazon Prime to do Grocery Shopping for the week, or visit your Whole Foods store.

Our favorite deal is the Animal Welfare Chicken Drumsticks for 1.49$ a pound at almost 65% savings rate. There are also great deals on produce.


  • Animal Welfare Chicken Drumsticks - $1.49/lb (Regular $4.19/lb)

  • Animal Welfare Rated 85% Lean Ground Beef- $3.69/lb (Regular $4.99/lb)

  • Animal Welfare Rated Marinated or Plain Pork Tenderloin - $7.99/lb (Regular $14.99/lb)


  • Fresh Atlantic Salmon Steaks - $4.99/lb (Regular $9.99/lb)

  • Charlie Trotter's Citrus Cured Smoked Salmon 4 oz - $6.99 ea (Regular $9.99 ea)


  • Buf Creamery Burrata - 40% off (Regular $9.99 ea)

Fruits and Vegetables

  • Organic Le Crème Apricots 1-lb pkg - 2 for $7 (Regular $4.99 ea)

  • Organic Raspberries 6-oz pkg - 2 for $5 (Regular $3.99 ea)

  • Organic Galia Melons - $3.99 ea (Regular $5.99 ea)

  • Red Cherries - $3.49/lb (Regular $3.99/lb)

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