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5 Most Expensive Items Sold At TJMaxx

TJMaxx might not strike us as a very expensive store, but you might be surprised!

With TJMaxx Runway section, prices run high for the luxury items, especially jewelry!

So, let's check out top 5 highest price items sold at TJMaxx online right now.



On the top of the list is this gorgeous Gucci 18K white gold bracelet surrounded by diamonds. The total diamonds weight is 9.05 carats.

The second highest price goes to the Gucci gold, diamond and emerald tiger ring. Only size 6.75 is available. The ring is from the Le Marche Des Marveiles collection and features 3.84 carats of black and white diamonds.

Third on our list is the exquisite 18k gold and diamond bangle bracelet. The diamonds are 4.65 total weight and it comes with the gift box and pouch.


In the fourth place is this 18K gold and diamond necklace with beryl gemstone. It has 1.56 total carat diamond weight and is absolutely stunning.


Last, but definitely not least, is this absolutely stunning 18K gold, and diamond necklace with a deep blue quartz center stone. It features 1.56 total carat weight.

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