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4 Ways To Save On A Bridal Veil

Bridal veil is a small but essential part of wedding, making your day even more special. At department stores, these beauties can run up to thousands of dollars. However, there is no need to spend so much. At Deals Lobster we came up with genius hacks of saving on the veil.

bridal veils savings
bridal veil savings

1. Buy your veil on Amazon

Amazon has great veils for $20-30. That's a steal! Don't forget to buy the veil with many good reviews and free returns. Here are some of our favorite veils:

2. Buy your veil on Etsy

Etsy sellers have a ton of handmade, exquisite veils. They are also affordable, and the sellers we like :

3. Borrow your veil from a friend or family member

It is a beautiful tradition. You can get your veil from your mom, grandma, sister, or a friend. This can be a part of something your "something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue".

4. Make your own veil

If you are into DIY project, you can make your own beautiful veil. All you need is tule, some lace and a comb. Just google DIY bridal veils or watch videos on youtube with clear instructions.

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