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10 Of Ikea's Best Kitchen Items for 5$ or Less

Ikea's Best Kitchen Items for 5$ or Less

If you moved into a new house or apartment and are looking for the best budget friendly tools for your kitchen, then this post is for you. If you are tired of take-outs and want to finally learn how to cook and save on the things you need to cook with, keep reading. If you are a college student who just moved to your dorm, don't go away. Here we go!

We have gathered 10 kitchen items from IKEA that are great quality and will easily save you a LOT of cash! Ikea is known for being affordable as well as having esthetically pleasing and great quality items.

Pokal Glass Ikea
Pokal Glass Ikea

These glasses at just 99 cents are beautiful and can hold both cold and hot drinks. You can buy as many as you would like since they do not come in sets. They are also made of tempered glass, which makes the glass durable and extra impact resistant. If broken, the glass shatters into small pieces without sharp edges, so it's safe to use.

Let's face it, moving into a new apartment or house is not easy. Who wouldn't need a glass of wine? Well Ikea got your back with wine glasses under 2 dollars. The glass has a large round bowl which helps the wine’s aromas and flavors to develop better, enhancing your experience of the drink.

And to open the wine bottle, Ikea has a corkscrew under 3 dollars. It combines wine opener as well as bottle opener (in the handle) in one.

These plates are currently on sale for under a dollar. They are dishwasher and microwave safe and are made of tempered glass, which makes them durable and extra resistant to impact. They are also lightweight. You can check out the OFTAST collection for more different kinds of plates on sale.

This small but cozy pan is great for cooking eggs in the morning. It has and easy grip handle makes the pan easy to lift. The pan also has extra thick walls and base, which distribute the heat evenly and it is treated with Teflon® Classic non-stick coating that makes cooking and cleaning easy.

Ikea Knife Set
Ikea Knife Set

Two knifes for under 3 dollars? And according to reviews, they are of great quality and sharp. Ok, this is pretty much a steal at this point. This set includes Includes: Cook's knife 5½" (tot. length 10⅝") and paring knife 3" (tot. length 7").

This is a great garlic press. How do we know? Because we use it all the time! It is sturdy and easy to use. If you're a garlic lover, you might want to check this out.

Ikea Kitchen Utensil Set
Ikea Kitchen Utensil Set

8. GRUNKA 4-piece kitchen utensil set, stainless steel $7.99 Ok, this one is $7.99 but it comes to about 2 dollars a peace. The set is all stainless steel and includes : 13" spoon, 11" ladle, 13" turner and 13" spaghetti server. It has a 4.7 star reviews on Ikea website.

This set is made of stainless steel and is beautiful for a modern or even rustic kitchen. Bakers prepare! Let the time for cakes, cookies, bread and other amazing things begin.

This chopping board is 13 ½x9 ½ ". It has a 4.2 star rating on Ikea website, and is in a nice white color.

We love Ikea and Ikea kitchens. We suggest going to Ikea for home inspiration and swedish meatballs.

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